Nobility is a Virtue

Nobility from the adjective noble Noble:(Advanced English Dictionary) Having honorable qualities; having moral eminence and freedom from *anything petty, mean or dubious* in conduct and character. E.g. He made a noble effort. He is a noble man who would never put his family in jeopardy. There is nobility in everything. I have experienced being very … Continue reading Nobility is a Virtue

The Importance of Self Education: Part 1

if you haven’t seen this: then you should read it now.



Learning is a continuous process as we may have already know. But how many of us take out time to learn something new? Every month, every week or even every day?

Very few.

No time we meant say but is that really true, what happen to the time, where did it go? It all boils down to ‘’ Time management’’

There is a saying you can always make time for those thing we consider important to use in life. So it just; where is your priorities are placed?


Self-education, you see all of life’s teachings are directed towards developing one’s self. If am to teach you something and you have no atom of interest in that subject, would never truly know it. It all about your personal interest, however what I found is that change leaders, critical thinker, and all successful people approach new…

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