By Anidebe Edwin Prince                                                               

Success is a deliberate action taken over time. In this article, I will like to share some key points that have made some people not to take this action.

If you must stand up, the best time is now. One of the greatest success killers is giving excuses; don’t forget that success is not by chance.

So from a personal research, conference and other know sources, I have gathered few misconceptions about success:


Some individuals feel that success is limited; they believe that in order to be successful, one must belong to a specific social class or rank. But believe me when I say that anyone who is determined to succeed may do so.


The world today have diverted to seeing some great innovative ideas as mystic and so is applied to becoming successful, I will like you to know that success can be predicted. The Bible says, show me a man diligent in his doings, he will stand before Kings.


Some people believe that success is fate, divine and ordained, they are of the opinion that for a person to be successful, it is how it’s meant to be. Now I will like you to change that misconception, success is the outcome of work. For you to be successful, you need to see a problem, find a solution to it and create an avenue that brings wealth to you for it.


According to MacHens, he postulated three (3) levels of awareness:

High, middle and low.

– Low level: to him, those that are found here are those who believe that success is mystical or magical, or those who conclude that and successful person has a hidden closet somewhere or has done one diabolic thing or another. This set of people can be said to have been influenced by their personal struggle/experience or environment before coming to this conclusion. I am not saying that there are no successful people who are found guilty of such acts but not all.

– Middle level: this set of people who are naive of any outcome of success, they can with be those who started up an idea and all of a sudden amassed wealth but do not know the process by which it came about or those who believe there is something the successful people know that they do not want to share with others.

– High level: this are people who will stop at nothing to criticize any form of success to either a fault or breakthrough, success to them is by acting on what you know to move to the next level. And this is the highest level because they are never quitters they believe that no man is an island of knowledge, where yours ends begins another mans. They believe you must be deliberate unless you will be deliberately ignored. And you should act on any idea because until a force acts upon an object, there will be no motion.


To the people in this category, success to them is mere luck that it can happen to anybody at anytime. so they sit tight, fold their arms waiting for their own time. It is mostly believed by ignorant people and projected by inferior minds. But I have one statement for them, a Chinese adage says “your lucky day is the day you start to do it”.


When I remember this point I remember one thing “POOR”, this is an acronym that means

P -passing

O -over

O – opportunities

R -repeatedly.

This set of people believe that success is an opportunity that met some people, but they should also know that opportunity comes to those who are prepared to grab it.

Benjamin Franklin said “jump into opportunity just as you jump into conclusion”.


Some people are of the opinion that success is an event that will chat your story, but they should also know that you are what you have decided to be. Hence, success is not an event.

I will conclude by saying that success is a progressive action taken over time to achieve a desired result.

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