Unsplash Image by S. Migaj

By Archibong Archibong

A personal vision is a clear mental picture of a preferable future that God communicates to an individual. In other words, it is a mental picture of the result you want to achieve in life, not a vague wish, dream or hope. It is something that inspires action, pulls in many ideas, creates an undying energy for change and achievement of whatever is being proposed. It inspires individuals to commit, to persist and to give his or her best because it comes from the future to energize the present by overcoming stagnation.

 Over decades, visions have proven to be a powerful tool that helps both an individual and corporate bodies to pursue her goals despite hurdles and obstacle.

It is important to know that vision is not age bound. There is no perfect age for having visions about your life or projects you want to carry out. Even as a little child, it is pertinent that you start having good visions of what you want to become. Then you begin to shape your life in that direction, backing it with another important factor which is passion. Passion is the major fuel for making visions becomes a reality. It keeps you going; it activates a sense of perseverance and courage in an individual.

Unsplash Photo by Oussema Rattazi

Studies however, have shown many reason why an individual should be visionary. They include;

  • It equips you to move towards a better future. When your thoughts and actions are backed with visions, it directs your steps towards achieving your dreams and gaining a bright future. Your focus can only shift from yesterday’s failure to embrace today’s possibilities for tomorrow’s promises when you are equipped for a better future.
  • Your vision gives endurance and perseverance. It is the ability to keep on going even when things get difficult, impossible or tough. A clear vision will build you up when you want to quit.
  • Vision provides you with a sense of purpose by keeping you away from all forms of distractions. Without a focused vision you will live carelessly with no sense of direction because it serves a road map in the journey of life.
  • Vision is very powerful in self discovery and improvement. A clearly defined vision helps you in knowing your strength and weakness in different spheres of endeavour.  You may only be walking aimlessly if your actions are not backed with vision because you must know where you are to get to where you desire to be.
  • You can enjoy completeness in life when you are visionary. It guards you against imbalances by making you to focus on the essential things you need to live your life. Whether in the area of marriage, academic pursuit or career choice, it is only a well outlined vision plans that will enable you to perfectly balance all.

In all areas of your life, try as much as possible to develop a vision towards it. Visionless people are people who easily give up on their dreams in the face of minor challenges. Stay focus, stay visionary

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