Nobility from the adjective noble

Noble:(Advanced English Dictionary)
Having honorable qualities; having moral eminence and freedom from *anything petty, mean or dubious* in conduct and character.

E.g. He made a noble effort.
He is a noble man who would never put his family in jeopardy.

There is nobility in everything. I have experienced being very poor and now of average class, nobility pays in everything. It is this impatience that has lead young men astray into may harmful and dubious ways.

Find a noble skill, job or service and be content. Work at it everyday, have a vision for where you are going, have faith, pray and I guarantee you riches is not far from you as you may think.

Aristotle has this to say, “Virtue is a state of character concerned with choice, being determined by rational principle as determined by the moderate man of practical wisdom.”
In the end you should always do the right thing even if it’s hard.(Nicholas Sparks)

I choose to be a noble man of high values
We can all choose better.

-Sct Omojefe Kennedy Orezime-
Your Personal Life Coach and Learning consultant.

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